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Bonnke Cars


We take part in government biddings by offering competitive prices on their vehicle requirements, being involved in medical and scientific breakthroughs, participating in construction and transport improvement services, engaging in occupational, health, and safety programs, accommodating environmental and wildlife conservation as well as tourism activities and selling significantly, dreams of adventures, road trips, and family bonding.

 Buying your vehicle need not be expensive and stressful. At Bonnke Cars, we find ways and solutions by offering you different options to meet your diverse and meticulous vehicle requirements.

One thing is for sure – Bonnke Cars spell out competitive pricing and hassle-free delivery of your vehicles in the soonest possible time, enabling you to “DRIVE HOME YOUR DREAM CAR!” and enjoy your life to the fullest.



To establish Bonnke Cars as one of the leading distributors in the automobile market, worldwide by supplying all kinds of vehicles to global customers.

Our Mission

To fulfill and satisfy our customer’s vehicle needs and requirements through competitive pricing and safe delivery.

Our Essence

We operate on our core values of Commitment, Customer’s Satisfaction, Consistency, Dependability, Passion, Innovation, and Customer Service.

Our promise

We create a difference through building relationships and breaking down barriers by connecting to our customer’s needs and requirements and finding ways & solutions to meet and match them thus, delivering results with commitment, integrity, and quality service for the delight and satisfaction of our customers.

Our Vibe

We work on customer’s wants and specifications (dreams) and put it into practicality through active involvement, engagement, and consideration of what they desire so that it will materialize into the attainment of their needs and requirements.

We sell dreams of adventures, road trips, family bonding, enjoyment of driving around, cruising places and collecting memories with your dream car.

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